Class Action

Class Action

Class Action

In a class action lawsuit, a plaintiff sues a defendant on behalf of a group of absent parties. Class actions aggregate many individualized claims into one representational lawsuit in cases where individual suits would be inefficient or impractical. However, identifying class members, verifying that claimants meet the requirements, and managing disbursements pose substantial challenges.

Why choose EisnerAmper for your class action needs?

Our professionals have successfully administered numerous class action settlements in state and federal courts—including multi-district litigation. Our team processes and reviews claims and manages distributions for settlements involving billions of dollars in settlement funds.

  • Quality data collection & analysis.

    Quality data collection & analysis.

  • Fast, real-time reporting.

    Fast, real-time reporting.

  • Efficient processes & workflows.

    Efficient processes & workflows.

  • Responsive & experienced team.

    Responsive & experienced team.

  • Transparent approach to administration costs.

    Transparent approach to administration costs.

Our Process

Our Process

Coupling a defined project management methodology with robust settlement management tools, EisnerAmper has developed a process that increases efficiency and reduces costs. Our concise, well-organized approach is based on quality principles, focusing on our client’s budget and process requirements.


  • Class Notice/Notice of Pendency 

    Class Notice/Notice of Pendency 

  • Settlement Notice (direct & media programs) 

    Settlement Notice (direct & media programs) 

  • Settlement Website 

    Settlement Website 

  • Phone Support 

    Phone Support 

  • Complex Claims Administration 

    Complex Claims Administration 

  • Funds Management & Award Allocations 

    Funds Management & Award Allocations 

  • Disbursements (traditional & digital options)

    Disbursements (traditional & digital options)

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