Mass Arbitration

Mass Arbitration

Mass Arbitration

Mass Arbitration is a lawsuit that functions like a mass tort (individual representation, but no absent class members) that typically has underlying facts traditionally similar to a class action like numerosity, commonality, typicality, and adequacy.

Why choose P&N for your mass arbitration needs?

Since 1999, P&N has successfully administered numerous class action settlements in state and federal courts—including multi-district litigation. Our team processes and reviews claims and manages distributions for settlements involving billions of dollars in settlement funds.

  • Industry-leading proprietary technology.

    Industry-leading proprietary technology.

  • Data collection standardization.

    Data collection standardization.

  • Database management solutions.

    Database management solutions.

  • Responsive & experienced team.

    Responsive & experienced team.

Our Process

Our Process

Coupling a defined project management methodology with robust settlement management tools, P&N has developed a process that increases efficiency and reduces costs. Our concise, well-organized approach is based on quality principles, focusing on our client’s budget and process requirements.


  • Pre-Settlement Consulting

    Pre-Settlement Consulting

    Organize court-mandated timekeeping and client data utilizing our customizable portal for projects related to common benefit reporting and plaintiff/defendant fact sheet exchange.

  • Technology Development

    Technology Development

    Development of customized technology solutions tailored to settlement needs.

  • Claimant Communication

    Claimant Communication

    Draft all forms of legal notice, including summary notice, emailed notice, and media notice, to communicate with class members.

  • Award Allocations

    Award Allocations

    Calculations performed (in accordance with any terms of allocation under a settlement agreement) to determine individual award values for eligible claimants to a class action.

  • Fund Administration

    Fund Administration

    The distribution of individual awards to eligible claimants according to the allocation structure and parameters defined in the settlement agreement.

  • Claimant Disbursements

    Claimant Disbursements

    P&N provides processing services for payments to claimants, law firms, and lien holders.

  • Final Reporting

    Final Reporting

    Production of final reports related to notice, claims administration, and distribution to the court, counsel, and the defendant.

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P&N provides comprehensive end-to-end settlement administration backed by a full-service Top 100 U.S. accounting and business advisory firm.

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