Mass Arbitration

Mass Arbitration

Mass Arbitration

Mass Arbitration is a lawsuit that functions like a mass tort (individual representation, but no absent class members) that typically has underlying facts traditionally similar to a class action like numerosity, commonality, typicality, and adequacy.

Why choose EisnerAmper for your mass arbitration needs?

EisnerAmper professionals have successfully administered numerous class action settlements in state and federal courts—including multi-district litigation. Our team processes and reviews claims and manages distributions for settlements involving billions of dollars in settlement funds.

  • Industry-leading proprietary technology.

    Industry-leading proprietary technology.

  • Data collection standardization.

    Data collection standardization.

  • Database management solutions.

    Database management solutions.

  • Responsive & experienced team.

    Responsive & experienced team.

Our Process

Our Process

Coupling a defined project management methodology with robust settlement management tools, EisnerAmper has developed a process that increases efficiency and reduces costs. Our concise, well-organized approach is based on quality principles, focusing on our client’s budget and process requirements.


  • Pre-Settlement Consulting

    Pre-Settlement Consulting

    Organize court-mandated timekeeping and client data utilizing our customizable portal for projects related to common benefit reporting and plaintiff/defendant fact sheet exchange.

  • Technology Development

    Technology Development

    Development of customized technology solutions tailored to settlement needs.

  • Claimant Communication

    Claimant Communication

    Draft all forms of legal notice, including summary notice, emailed notice, and media notice, to communicate with class members.

  • Award Allocations

    Award Allocations

    Calculations performed (in accordance with any terms of allocation under a settlement agreement) to determine individual award values for eligible claimants to a class action.

  • Fund Administration

    Fund Administration

    The distribution of individual awards to eligible claimants according to the allocation structure and parameters defined in the settlement agreement.

  • Claimant Disbursements

    Claimant Disbursements

    EisnerAmper provides processing services for payments to claimants, law firms, and lien holders.

  • Final Reporting

    Final Reporting

    Production of final reports related to notice, claims administration, and distribution to the court, counsel, and the defendant.

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EisnerAmper provides comprehensive end-to-end settlement administration backed by a full-service Top 20 U.S. accounting and business advisory firm.

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